Restaurant Chef Samantha Sanz was born in Nogales, Mexico, where she was raised in a family-owned restaurant and spent her free time watching her grandfather cook while she snacked on bean burritos wrapped in handmade tortillas. “There were no PB&Js when I was a kid,” says Sanz. “I tasted everything. I was convinced that the love and hard work that went into every dish was what made everything taste so good.”  After completing culinary school and a successful stint at popular local restaurant Virtu, Sanz is putting her own love and hard work into the dishes at Talavera.

Executive Pastry Chef Lance Whipple started his pastry career working in all aspects of the culinary arts while attending the Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon. It was there where he found his passion for pastry and baking, including infusing modern twists, innovative elements and seasonal ingredients into classic dessert creations. Constantly pushing the boundaries in dessert creation, Whipple ensures that guests in Talavera end their dining experience on a very memorable sweet note.